We lead a one-on-one mentoring program called Mentor that is designed to support achievement in school, at home, and in the community by matching young people with caring adults. Mentor helps youth succeed by providing ongoing, individualized support for youth at-risk of school failure, delinquency, or violence. Youth and their mentors meet once a week and participate in arts and cultural activities, sports and recreation, educational enrichment, and other fun games.

Our Mentor team puts a lot of thought into the matching process of mentor and mentee. As much as possible, we “matchmake” based on personal history, attitudes, and values. We also place heavy emphasis on training and on-going relationship support. Each of our Y.O.U. mentors receive extensive screening, training, and supervision while working with youth.

Jenal is a mentor who has been meeting with her 6th grade mentee regularly for the past eight months. They spend most of their time working on homework, playing board games, and talking about their week. On occasion, they even take field trips together; recently, Jenal invited Chris to bake some cookies with her and they learned about each others’ families. Over the months, Jenal has shared positive feedback with us. She is having a lot of fun, and her mentee has improved his grades and his behavior at school. In her words...

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"My weekly meetings with my mentee tend to be one of the highlights of my week. It's amazing to see how our relationship has grown over the course of eight months. We started with limited conversations and have reached a point where both of our faces light up when we see each other, and we now fill our time chatting about our favorite foods, TV shows and family. I can't even begin to express in words the rewarding feeling I get knowing that I'm having a positive impact on such an amazing child's life."

- Jenal, Mentor