FIVE WAYS to Get Involved

We’re thrilled you’d like to get involved with us! Here are FIVE WAYS you can help us realize our mission:

1. Tell Us Your Skills

Do you have a unique talent you would like to share with us? Great! We thrive on volunteer expertise. A pro bono marketing expert created the communications on this website, a volunteer team from Northwestern helped us develop our leadership transition plan, and a retired principal reviews grant requests before we send the to the U.S. Department of Education. If you’d like to share your talent, call Becky at (847) 866-1200 ext. 233.

2. Become A Mentor 

Do you have an extra hour a week to help youth succeed? Consider joining our mentoring program in collaboration with Big Brothers Big Sisters!

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a mentor, call Casey at (847) 866-1200.

3. Donate To Us

Do you want to enable more youth to benefit from Y.O.U.’s services? While we already provide comprehensive services to 1,000 youth annually, many more youth need our services. Indeed, all of our afterschool programs currently have a waiting list. Your donation would help us to sustain and expand our services to meet the full needs of youth in the Evanston community. Learn More.

4. Follow Us

Everyone can serve as a Y.O.U. ambassador. 

Follow our accounts on Facebook and Twitter and help share the word of the impact that Y.O.U. is having on the youth and the community.

5. Sign Up For E-mails

Want to follow the latest updates on Y.O.U.’s work and activities? The best way is to sign up for our monthly newsletter.