About Us

Our mission: Youth & Opportunity United, Inc. (Y.O.U.) is a youth development agency that provides services and leadership to meet the emerging needs of young people and their families in our community. Click here to learn more about our mission.

Our vision: It is our goal that all young people acquire the skills, self-confidence, and opportunity to participate fully, freely, and responsibly in the life of the community.


Y.O.U. has a three-part approach toward youth development: Engage, Support, Sustain.

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tl_files/youevanston/images/About Us/one.jpg We engage every young person and identify their strengths and stressors. Our youth workers develop deep relationships with youth, their parents, and their teachers.  Based on these personal relationships, as well as on standardized assessments, we develop tailored plans to help youth realize their full potential.
tl_files/youevanston/images/About Us/two.jpg We support youth and their families with a holistic set of resources to encourage their strengths and address their stressors.  We provide after -school programming, mentorship, clinical services, crisis intervention, and a range of other services to meet the individualized needs of our youth and families.
tl_files/youevanston/images/About Us/three.jpg We sustain youth success by working with parents and community leaders.  We hold regular family nights and workshops to support parents and community leaders in promoting positive youth development in the home and in the neighborhood. We are thrilled to report that more than two-thirds of parents annually participate in our programs.


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"Y.O.U. is a vital partner in the City’s efforts to make sure that all youth in our community are safe and healthy. More than 40 years after a group of Evanston civic leaders first envisioned Y.O.U., it remains an indispensable resource for hundreds of Evanston youth and their families."

— Hon. Elizabeth Tisdahl
Mayor of the City of Evanston